How to Get Rid of Moles

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Though moles are rather small, the damage these creatures cause makes them huge pests. Men who have lawn problems start searching for various control methods and keep wondering how to get rid of moles.

The very first strategic move is getting to know what moles are and what they eat. When you are acquainted with this sort of information, you can figure out the optimal ways to get rid of these agricultural pests.

What Are Moles?

What Do They Eat?

Moles burrow in lawns and gardens. The fact they leave molehills behind is nothing in comparison with the second one – they make dreadful tunnels, which are pretty dangerous to walk on. The tunneling reduces the yield and size of crops and works to promote weed growth.

That would be wrong to underestimate these animals because of their size. Eight inches long and five ounces of weight make a pretty strong body for tunnel diggers. 18 feet in an hour is their average distance to pass. Plus, one should consider that moles have up to 6 babies a year. So, how to get rid of moles should be your primer concern.

How To Get Rid Of Moles

Moles never eat plants, regardless of what you’ve heard. They feast on earthworms and grub worms, small mice, etc. Sometimes it really looks like they eat plants, but they do not, only their tunnels damage them.

Top 6 Popular Ways To Keep Lawns Free From Moles

Way #1. Strict Diet. Getting rid of the food moles eat is the 1st way of the whole procedure called “How do I get rid of moles”. Keeping the soil free from worms moles eat, you can stop worrying about your lawns.

Way #2. Ultrasonic devices. They work creating a high pitched sound which makes this animal think there’s another mole within the area. As they are rather territorial creatures, they will leave if there’s someone else around. This way of getting rid of the lawn enemy is pretty expensive but effective.

Way #3. Mole Repellent. Many lawn owners choose to spray the ground. The chosen repellent changes the taste of grubs, making moles go on moving in search of much tastier yards.

Way #4. Poison. Poison is to be applied to the mole tunnels. When you notice a mole carcass, place it in a plastic bag and then throw it away.

How To Get Rid Of Moles

Way #5. Traps as the most effective strategy. They say that trapping remains the most effective option of how to get rid of moles regardless of new inventions. The drawback is that you cannot use gopher traps. The equipment is to be proper. It costs about $10. Multiple traps cause minimal lawn damage.

Way #6. Natural removal. There is always a possibility to make a homemade moles destroying solution. Mix a cup of oil soap and an ounce of castor oil, then add ¼ of cayenne pepper. These ingredients should be mixed with water. Use a sprayer and spray the area where moles usually travel.

There are numerous ways of killing animals. The choice of a method depends on several things. The territory and budget are the most significant ones. Many options are always available in remedy sections of many local supermarkets.

Getting Rid Of Moles With The Trapping Method

For great garden and flowers admirers, poisons are not the way out as they may damage many beautiful plants. Traps are pretty effective in this and many other cases. So, what should one do? How to place a trap? How to catch a mole?

  1. Identify a tunnel. Stomp around areas and wait. When the stamped place has been repaired, a tunnel is active.
  2. Place a trap inside a tunnel. You should excavate a hole from the bottom of a tunnel and insert a can in it. Cover the upper part, so that a mole can pass without any suspicions.
  3. Many owners decide to get rid of animals right away. They choose flooding. Flood a tunnel with a garden hose and wait until moles come out.
  4. Barriers is one more way out. It isn’t a lethal one. You can redirect moles to some other areas, putting various barriers. These can be gravel or mash which direct a path away from your areas. This can be pretty effective. Be careful while choosing the area you’d like to direct moles to.

While coping with moles be careful and choose the method which is considered to be effective for your place. Remember about safety measures while working with sprays and poisons.